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Before beginning the course, please print out these worksheets to assist you while taking the course. Your lender may want to fill these out and bring them in for evaluation. 
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Thousands of potential homebuyers have taken our course!

Many potential homeowners are intimidated because they feel the home buying process is complex.  One way to minimize the fear of the home buying process is to provide clear and consistent information and high quality guidance for buying a home.  The objective of this course is to help answer the many questions you have regarding the home buying process. 

Borrowers who participate in special housing programs are usually required to successfully complete a homebuyer education course as a qualification to entitle them to a reduction of the cost of mortgage insurance, down payment assistance, closing costs, etc. At the end of this course, the student can print out a Certificate of Completion.

Highlights of Our Course:

  • There is no date or time restriction for completion of the course. Complete the course at your own pace - ANYTIME and ANYWHERE You are not constrained to complete the course in one day or even one week. Return as often as you like.  Complete it in one session, or multiple sessions. It's up to you! You don't have to attend a traditional class!

  • This course satisfies homebuyer education requirements for housing assistance programs.  A certificate is available after successful completion of the course. Click here to View Course Outline.

  • Easy to follow instructions. No computer skills needed. Just point and click. Our course takes approximately 6 hours.

  • No hassle, interactive multiple-choice test. Questions are fair (no trick questions). You will not fail! Your test score will be reflected on your Certificate of Completion.

  • Once you've earned your Certificate of Completion, you may log back in at anytime to print your certificate. Click here to Preview Screen Shots

  • The student may stop his studying at any time by logging out and return to the course at anytime at your own convenience.. To continue, the student simply enters his login and password and the system will take him to where he last left off.

  • This course is always free. Your registration will be activated within 5 business days.

  • If you need to expedite your registration, there is a rush activation fee of $12.00. Your registration will be activated within 1 day.

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